About Molly Sheehan

Photography treats us to look at the world around us more closely. Still, images describe what one may not see in a fast-paced world—focusing on ideas and scenes that allow viewers to see the world in a new light.

When I first started photography, I was using a tablet, but I never could stop relooking at the images that I had taken. It was not until I joined a photography club and had more photography training that was when I discovered that this is what I wanted to do with my life. Continuing my education and getting my Bachelors of Fine art enhanced my sight to see more.

My mind immediately starts seeing all the possibilities that are surrounding me, calling me to take a picture. Each image is unique; I never take the same image twice. There are never two stories the same.  I find stories to tell in almost everything. In recent projects, I have told the stories of musicians and highlighted the art of tattoos. Portraits speak to the person, and fine art images speak to the details of life.

I am a photographer in Buffalo, New York, and I am here to tell the world's story.