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Our body is a canvas, and the ink is the expression of emotions. My project Living Canvas is meant to bring to light the fact that tattoos have become much more than art but has become a deeper representation of the inner person. My goal is to show how people use their bodies as a canvas allowing them to express their true inner selves. Each of these tattoos shown throughout this book poses a deeper meaning that goes far beyond the ink. The tattoos shown within these pages artistically express each of these individuals allowing others to capture a snapshot of who they are.     


Throughout Living Canvas, I have people whom all have different personalities, but the one thing they do have in common is their love for tattoos. The range of tattoos goes from only a couple to have an entire sleeve. Each of the people I photographed all have tattoos that have some sort of special meaning from a memory of a deceased friend to a place they have traveled to, to a favorite movie. I find this to be interesting because before tattoos were considered an art they were found on rebellious people. People such as bikers, sailors, and disobedient teenagers. With tattoos being associated with rebellious people the appreciation and beauty were turned into hate and disgust.

    As time went on society's view on tattoos has changed, they are now viewed as a form of art. After taking the pictures of the people and their tattoos, they were excited that someone was taking the initiative and showing the world the positive side of tattoos. I visited Modern Love Tattoo Parlor and found a group of everyday artists who enjoy showing off their art and enjoy having their art be put onto people so it can be viewed by the whole world. There is a new appreciation for tattoos, their beauty has returned and the people who get them are not the rebellious type but people who are nurses and painters and work with children people of everyday society. People have become more open and upbeat and are proud to be showing off their works of art as they become an artist's Living Canvas. 

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